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Case Studies

Building the Future – Winnsboro ISD, Winnsboro High School

Category: Case Studies

It is always our pleasure to be invited in to work closely with a community that is building new facilities. Rarely is the excitement level higher than in school districts with a single high school, since so much of community life revolves around student activities. We are pleased to share a little of the excitement surrounding Winnsboro ISD’s new High School opening this fall!

Transformed for Collaboration – Midlothian ISD Refresh

Category: Case Studies

Catching back up with Midlothian ISD to learn about how they transformed existing school buildings to support 21st-century learning objectives like collaboration. New furniture combined with minimal or no construction made all the difference! If your district is considering a campus refresh and you would like to discuss a transformation to meet your district’s objectives, reach out to Lone Star Furnishings. We’d love to explore options with you!

Kids Teaching Teachers – Frisco ISD, Rogers Elementary School

Category: Case Studies

See how teachers who were out on maternity leave when Frisco ISD’s newly renovated Rogers Elementary School opened learned upon returning mid-semester how to use the new agile learning spaces filled with flexible furnishings from their students.

Heart of the School – Godley ISD, Godley HS

Category: Case Studies

Jason Karnes and Jeanne Cobb talked to us about the changes in the school and the community made possible by their Center for Learning and Innovation! Featuring mobile furniture that can be reconfigured for a myriad of purposes, the CLI has done everything from host College and Military signings, to increasing student reading levels by placing the library right in the heart of the school.

Ready For College! – Bonham ISD, Bonham High School

Category: Case Studies

Ryan Prock, the principal who opened the new Bonham High School, sat down to talk to us about the student and community reactions to their new collaborative spaces. The environment created by the placement of this specialized furniture in public spaces helps prepare students for the college environment, giving these Bonham students a head start! Contact Lone Star Furnishings today to learn more.

Now We’re Cooking! – Rockwall ISD, Dr. Gene Burton College & Career Academy

Category: Case Studies

Lone Star Furnishings’ Ben Herrick sat down with Alison Belliveau, Executive Director, Career & Technical Education/ Principal, Burton College & Career Academy in Rockwall ISD to discuss the opportunities and successes the Culinary Arts Program has afforded her students.

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