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Smith System Seating

Have a seat on Smith! Flexible seating, structured seating, low, medium and high seat heights, active-motion seating, and softer seating – all are available from Smith Systems.
#SoftRocker Smith’s newest addition to active seating for K–12 spaces. Great ergonomics make this chair a rock star of comfort and perfect for individual study and casual group-work areas in grades K-12!
#Flavors four-position classroom chairs and stools offer maximum flexibility in seating options and movement. Great for students in Preschool through High School!
#Groove is immediately supportive and comfortable. Students can feel great and get to work, with less settle time. The ergonomic seat pan and subtle shell contours support movement in a working posture at a desk and sideways sitting
#Oodle is a flexible and active seating option. The rocking base features a stable 10º of motion and the unique modular design allows the height of the Oodle stool to be tailored to the size of students within each classroom.

Educational & Commercial Interiors

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