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Movement as a support for those with ADHD/ADD

Mobile wobble stools, like the Hokki, create added motion and balance, making it easy for all ages to be more engaged and focused. They are very helpful for students with ADHD, who have a reduced release of the hormone Dopamine. Stools tend to allow more synaptic switching of nerve cells, which releases more Dopamine and thereby increases focus. The release of Dopamine directly correlates to movement.

Physical activity is a high-yield investment for all kids, especially those challenged with attention or hyperactive issues. In short, movement is ADHD medication.

The journal Pediatrics (2014) published research that kids with ADHD who took part in a regular physical activity program showed important enhancement of cognitive performance and brain function.

Agile Classrooms lead to:

  • 40% higher test scores
  • 15% more likely to go to college
  • Reduced risk for heart diseases, diabetes II, stroke, cancer, dementia
  • 1/10th as likely to be obese
  • May live 5 years longer

(Nike, Inc. 2013, Siddarth et al. 2018, Schmid et al. 2014, Wheeler et al. 2017)

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